Meeting your project's needs


    “Design for People” is the core of the Fentress philosophy.  For us, this can be defined as responsible architecture – architecture that honors the client, the people who will use the building, the community and the earth as a whole.

    We believe successful design is achieved through close collaboration with our clients. No matter what your project type or size, we will work with you to define and implement solutions that result in beautiful, high-functioning architecture.

    We know building design plays a strong role in conveying your mission and values. Our team of architects, interior designers and planners has proven experience in designing buildings that become landmarks for communities and regions. 


    Fentress Architects believes interior design goes far beyond superficial styling. It is a skilled allocation of physical resources that increase your efficiency and express your unique culture.  When well aligned, these qualities can improve productivity, profitability and morale.

    Fentress provides award-winning interior design services for all building types. We begin by asking questions:  Does your environment support your mission and programs? What are the unique needs of your people? How can design improve your efficiency?

    With your answers, we explore innovative strategies to create pragmatic solutions. By maximizing resources and technologies, we design spaces that will serve your needs today, and into the future.


    At Fentress Architects we have a sincere appreciation for historic architecture, and work thoughtfully to preserve, conserve and renovate historic structures with sensitivity and grace. Our extensive experience has shown us that each project has its own set of challenges, and we advance carefully through the preservation program to ensure that the existing structure is honored and protected.

    Our process is comprehensive, beginning with research to evaluate the original design and current condition, followed by extensive planning to ensure that the historic value of the building will be preserved and celebrated. We strive to balance sensitive design with technological innovation to offer the most effective and enduring solution for each unique project.


    Fentress Architects has expertise and experience in the most complex building programs imaginable, including mission critical facilities. Since the studio was founded in 1980, we have been at the forefront of mission critical planning and design.

    Our experience ranges from master plans for data center campuses spanning one hundred acres, to corporate headquarters with command and control centers, to military facilities with top secret data centers. Regardless of the building type, these facilities offer state-of-the-art security with specialized infrastructures built to withstand the worst disasters imaginable.


    No matter the terminology – renovation, adaptive reuse, restoration, preservation – Fentress Architects has extensive experience modifying existing buildings to accommodate programmatic, aesthetic and system changes.

    Our process is comprehensive and collaborative, beginning with research to understand the forces that shaped the original design.  We work closely with the client to create a plan and design that accommodate your needs and schedule.  We remain involved through – and even after – completion, and have proven success with projects that require uninterrupted operation during construction.


    Fentress Architects is available to provide on-call architectural services, including the development of conceptual plans, design schemes, project budgets and estimates, construction drawings, submissions for permitting and technical specifications, and more. We approach our on-call contracts with the same level of commitment, design excellence and management skills we do with all our projects, offering timely and cost-effective solutions.


    From feasibility studies to full scale master planning, Fentress Architects has been providing clients with innovative and effective solutions for over thirty years. We work closely with the client to analyze opportunities and challenges related to a site or space, identify wide-ranging options, and refine cost-effective, high-functioning, realistic solutions.


    Fentress Architects has been designing state-of-the-art, building-specific seismic protection since 1993, for both existing and new construction. We work closely with our clients and structural engineering partners to conduct comprehensive site research and analysis. We fully evaluate structural and non-structural issues, and use all available data to design effective and long-lasting solutions. We also work with clients to establish post-event performance goals including life safety and fast-track re-occupancy.


    Specializing in projects requiring rapid mobilization, fast-track schedules and strict budget goals, the Fentress Special Projects Studio (SPS) brings you unrivaled quality with high value and competitive pricing.

    We offer the design excellence, technical ingenuity, sustainable expertise and management skills of our large studio, coupled with the agile, streamlined delivery of a smaller firm.

    Personalized service and dedication to excellence have been hallmarks of Fentress Architects for over 30 years, and our award-winning SPS Team is ready to work closely with you on your project from planning to post-occupancy.


    At Fentress Architects, we believe in responsible architecture. To us, this is architecture that serves the client, the community and the earth. Pioneers in green design, we were initially recognized for our sustainable innovations in 1993, when we opened the first building in the nation to incorporate indoor air quality as a goal. In 1995, Denver International Airport opened as the largest daylit structure in the world.

    Since then we have continued to design conscientiously, knowing this is our professional responsibility.  Our designs incorporate real solutions for sustainable construction, energy-savings and landscape management.  From tried-and-true systems to bold innovations involving specialized or native materials, we are driven to advance the field of sustainable, responsible architecture.