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With over 30 years of experience, Kelly Dunn has extensive Project Management experience leading large, complex, multi-disciplinary teams. Collaboration comes naturally to Kelly, and the partnering created in the collaborative environment contributes heavily to the success of her projects.  Kelly is an astute listener, giving her the unique ability work with clients to sort out and organize their needs and wants to achieve optimum results in their projects.

Kelly leads large project teams that develop corporate and government campuses and multi-family housing projects.  Her work begins with programming and goes through developing designs, finalizing construction documents, and overseeing construction administration.  Throughout the process, Kelly supports and directs teams of architects, engineers, and specialty consultants, ensuring that the work is progressing according to the Owner’s needs and that collaboration and coordination are taking place among all of the stakeholders.

Kelly is a registered architect in five states, and is a LEED Accredited Professional with a Building Design and Construction Specialty.  Sustainable design is an important element to Fentress clients, and Kelly is a champion of sustainable design in the firm.  She is a member of the firm’s Project Management and Sustainable Design Committees.