Al-Farwania & Al-Jahra Court Complex

Kuwait City, Kuwait1,360,000 sf / 128,348 smCompletion 2014

Fentress Architects had the opportunity to study and design for the distinct features of a judicial system different from that of the U.S., while capturing universal themes of jurisprudence.

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Highly efficient spatial relationships, the latest technology and a reinterpretation of traditional Kuwaiti architectural elements drove the project design.  Between the two courts are 160 courtrooms, with accompanying administrative and governmental services. A limited site size required an atypical challenge:  to create high-rise courthouse buildings.

Since then, the solution has become a new prototype for Kuwaiti courthouses. Majestic steps draw visitors to the entries. Soaring glass walls with local geometric patterns offer excellent views, filter harsh sunlight and express transparency.