Larimer County Justice Center

Ft. Collins, Colorado170,000 SFCompletion 2000

Larimer County extends to the beautiful Continental Divide and includes several mountain communities in addition to Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Larimer County Justice Center is located within the City of Fort Collins’ “Civic Center Master Plan” site. The Civic Center Master Plan promotes the development of mixed-use civic projects encouraging pedestrian-scaled street frontages, vital and active uses for extended periods throughout the day, and design sensitivity to the existing historical context of two-story to four-story brick commercial buildings. This design-build project includes office, retail, recreational and parking.

The design of the five-story Justice Center allows for future expansion, maintaining area for the site’s public open space, anticipating future building uses, and maximizing efficiency in blocking and stacking of the courts program. Within these five stories, the stacking of the departments within the various floors was determined based upon the volume of public access required. On the first floor are the District and County Court Clerks, Law Library, Probation office, and County Traffic Court. The second floor consists of the District Attorney and Jury Commissioner’s offices, as well as Municipal Court and Judicial District Administration offices. County courtrooms are located on the third floor, while district courts are located on the fourth and fifth floors.

The building contains 14 courtrooms, a law library, and district, county, municipal, and probationary offices. The courts layout implements separate circulation paths for staff, the public, and in-custody defendants. These distinct circulation routes are essential for the safe operation of the courthouse facility.