Royal Norwegian Embassy Renovation

Washington, DC30,000 SF / 2,787 SMCompletion 2021

Fentress was selected in 2017 by Statsbygg—the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property—to design the 30,000-square-foot expansion and renovation of the Royal Norwegian Chancery in Washington, DC. The new Chancery will act as the front door of Norway, offering a glimpse into Norwegian culture while providing a hospitable and professional environment for meetings, Consular services, and cultural exchange.

Originally constructed in 1977, the Chancery grounds also house the historic Ambassador’s Residence. The expansion and renovation will pay homage to Norway’s rich history by incorporating architectural features inspired by the country’s traditions of woodworking, shipbuilding and fisheries, with their rich natural resources including copper, oil and gas. Fentress is also upgrading the facility to be fully ADA accessible.

 “While providing significant functional, accessibility, and sustainability upgrades, our architecture will make Norway’s rich heritage visible on one of the most culturally significant streets in the United States and the world,” says Steve White, the project’s Principal-in-Charge at Fentress.

A Norwegian spruce mass timber structure with glazed walls for indoor-outdoor experience, Oppdal stone walls, and a patinated copper mansard and entrance will welcome visitors to the Chancery. The façade will blend architectural features with the building’s existing elements to harmonize contemporary architecture with neo-classical design. The garden restoration will link the Residence and Chancery and complement the entrance. A limestone wall on the northern end of the building will create a distinctive edge between the diplomatic buildings and adjacent residential neighborhood, while the expansive curtainwall system on the southern and eastern sides of the façade will maximize daylight and views to the garden.