Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA, USA150,700 SFCompletion 2011

This research “collaboratory” brought together five multi-disciplinary institutions with the mission to advance understanding, knowledge and discovery in stem cell research. Our charge: shape a facility to enhance interchange, inspire creativity, and make the cross-pollination of ideas impossible to avoid among the building’s users. 

Inspired by La Jolla’s temperate climate, the site’s Pacific Ocean view, and its neighbor, the Salk Institute, offices for principal investigators were detached from the main building into pods connected by an exterior walkway. This unusual shift fundamentally altered the way researchers circulate and interact. We engaged the UCSD Cognitive Sciences Department for insights into mechanisms to encourage human interaction, which were then translated into the architecture. Diverse spots for impromptu encounters make idea exchange a natural occurrence. Transparent walls promote awareness of the natural environment and collaborative activities occurring within lab spaces. Break areas and public spaces invite outside researchers into the Consortium, furthering interdisciplinary awareness.