Yolo County Courthouse

Woodland, California163,000 SF / 15,140 SMCompletion 2016

The new 163,000-square-foot courthouse for Yolo County in Woodland, California, is the most significant civic building to be constructed in Woodland in nearly a century.  

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Consolidating seven court locations throughout the county into one central building, the courthouse offers significant improvements in operations for court staff as well as better security for the general public. The building contains 14 courtrooms, a jury assembly, and state-of-the-art administrative and judicial offices, and it is expected to achieve LEED Silver certification. The design features a curved façade with a four-column portico at the entrance recalling the historic Yolo County Courthouse. 

The entrance has an iconic civic look with grand pillars that are surrounded by modern glass. Light wells bring natural light into the entry hall which is adorned with towering windows to create a transparent and welcoming atmosphere for open assembly. The exterior features a granite base, with a precast façade inspired by the Sierra White granite found in the region. The new building meets all of the current seismic and safety requirements, relieves overcrowding issues, and provides for future expansion.