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Functional + Inspirational Military Facilities in Tribute to Bravery + Sacrifice

Civic design—particularly for democratic societies—has its paradoxes: security with accessibility, solidity with transparency, fortification with connection. Solving these paradoxes is one of Fentress Architects greatest strengths. With each project, Fentress Architects harnesses the power of architecture to simultaneously protect and reveal.


Fentress has won over 40 national and international design competitions including five for military clients:


The museum will not make you into a Marine. Only a drill instructor can do that. But by putting you in the boots of a Marine, this museum will leave you with an appreciation of the rich history of the Corps, and the pride that comes with earning the title United States Marine. — President George W. Bush

“The use of materials and textures as well as the creation of orders of treatment from the base of the building to the roof is appropriate and pleasing in scale and proportion, while the complete departure from the ubiquitous Military Construction ‘box’ shape of virtually every project is highly refreshing and entirely functional.”FORSCOM Selection Committee


Furthermore, Fentress has designed over 50 USGBC LEED-Certified projects, including:


Karen Gilbert, Associate AIA
Director of Business Development

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