Paine Field’s New Passenger Terminal Takes Flight

  • Paine Field Passenger Terminal

    Paine Field Passenger Terminal Exterior View, Photo Courtesy of Propeller Airports 

  • Paine Field Passenger Terminal

    Ticketing Hall Central View, Photo Courtesy of Propeller Airports

  • Paine Field Passenger Terminal

    Passenger Waiting Area By The Fireplace, Photo Courtesy of Propeller Airports

  • Paine Field Passenger Terminal

    Central Passenger Waiting Lounge, Photo Courtesy of Propeller Airports

  • Paine Field Passenger Terminal

    Central Passenger Lounge, Photo Courtesy of Propeller Airports

Commercial flight service to Paine Field-Snohomish County Airport’s (PAE) $40 million passenger terminal in Everett, Washington began on March 4. Base building designed by Fentress Architects with architectural and interior design by New York-based, Clive Lonstein, Inc., the two-gate, 30,000-square-foot terminal is a public-private partnership between Propeller Airports and Snohomish County. Modern, passenger-centric design and state-of-the-art amenities redefine the commercial air travel experience.

Paine Field Passenger Terminal provides passengers in the crowded Seattle and Northwest Washington areas with a boutique and more convenient airport to meet their travel needs. Alaska Airlines and United Airlines will offer a combined twenty-four daily flights to nine domestic destinations including Denver, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Redefining the Passenger Experience

Paine Field’s design offers a warm and relaxing environment for passengers. High-quality finishes, comfortable lounge areas, and intuitive wayfinding allow travelers to escape the stress that is inherent in larger airports. The team placed the passenger at the heart of its design approach by focusing on convenience and ease of use, in an environment that offers refined style and understated elegance. The result is a terminal that creates a pleasant, world-class travel experience with a goal of getting passengers from curb to gate in ten minutes or less.

Passengers are greeted by concierge desk staff in a lobby reminiscent of an upscale hotel lobby. The check-in lobby features a polished concrete floor, walnut ticket counters with coordinating onyx countertops, custom 15’ parsons’ style walnut desk and Prouve desk chairs, acoustical treatment on a black walnut paneled ceiling imported from Switzerland, Bose sound system, check-in stands with Italian marble countertops, and a limestone-covered wall. The main flight display board is programmed to resemble the classic Solari split-flap display.

Once past the security checkpoint, passengers enter the main terminal “living room” reminiscent of an airport club lounge. The luxurious and inviting space features two fireplaces clad in hand carved limestone and comfortable seating equipped with power outlets. Large windows featuring glass imported from Germany frame clear views of the runway. Glass-walled jet bridges make the boarding process less confining and more comfortable for passengers.

A custom asymmetrical patterned plaid in-laid carpet covers antiqued black granite floors. Prouve seating is throughout, tables are hand-crafted from an 18’ long walnut slab, cut into 9 individual consecutive tables. The center of the hold room is anchored by four Gueridon Bas Prouve coffee tables and a 22’ x4’ custom blackened steel and cast glass central chandelier overhead.

Robust Wi-Fi and multiple power options at each seat lessen the stress of travel. Pre-security, passengers can enjoy refreshments at Café Vita coffee shop. Post-security, Seattle-based Beecher’s Handmade Cheese Café will serve food and beverage, and the Upper Case Bar offers Pacific Northwest wines, cocktails, and food from the café.

Paine Field History

Paine Field, also known as Snohomish County Airport, opened in 1939 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. Known around the world by aviation enthusiasts, it is also the longtime home of Boeing’s Everett Factory and has long been used as a site for jet testing and delivery. Paine Field houses multiple aviation-related businesses and facilities, museums, and attractions including the Flight Heritage and Combat Armor Museum.

Project Facts

Client: Propeller Airports

Base Building Architect: Fentress Architects

Architectural and Interior Design: Clive Lonstein, Inc.

Contractor: Fisher Construction Group

Location: Everett, Washington

New Passenger Terminal: Entrance and check-in, TSA security screening, holdroom, boarding area, gates, passenger boarding bridges, concessions, baggage handling system, and baggage claim.

Area: 30,000 square feet

Budget: $40 million

Status: Open since March 4, 2019

Download photos here, courtesy of Paine Field Propeller Airports: