1999 Broadway Office Building & Holy Ghost Church Renovation

Denver, Colorado, USA

Fentress used Holy Ghost Church as a focal point for the 43-story office tower, which cradles the church in concave walls.

Fentress sought an innovative solution for 1999 Broadway, a new office tower on a tight triangular site at a busy downtown intersection.  This particular site also required sharing space with historic Church of the Holy Ghost.

1999 Broadway needed to be respectful of the church, a 1940s Renaissance design by Jacques Benedict.  It also needed to integrate into the city’s business district. Fentress used Holy Ghost—which was also renovated—as a focal point.  The 43-story, glass-sheathed triangular tower cradles the church with concave walls, while allowing it exposure.  The new structure rests on 50-foot pillars, creating an exciting urban space for pedestrians below. Stepped-back glass facades result in numerous “corner” offices with million-dollar views of the mountains.