Hei Lin Pu Village

Kunming, China

Hei Lin Pu Village is designed to strengthen Kunming’s position as the economic, cultural, and political hub for Southwest China.

Hei Lin Pu Village is a place for people to live, work, enjoy, and shop.  It will also be an international destination within the Wuhua district.  Wuhua is the largest district and Kunming’s financial and business core.  The over two million-square-foot site includes office buildings, residential towers, service apartments, and retail centers.

Kunming’s reputation as ‘the City of Eternal Spring’ comes from its pleasant climate and flowers, which bloom all year.  This moniker, local character and urban fabric all served as design inspiration for Fentress.  At the center of the complex, state-of-the-art office buildings stand out among the city’s historic architecture dating from the Ming dynasty.  Local flowers served as inspiration for the coloring of the residential towers.  Strong vertical ribbons separate the volumes and help establish an intimate scale for the buildings. These ribbons use both glass and metal rail balconies, while openings in each of the towers create a visually harmonized design.

An active and diverse retail environment incorporates storefronts along the ground floor, creating a vibrant, livable, and connected community. Wood entryways leading to the shops and indoor retail areas, as well as transparent and patterned glass in the fenestrations, establish a warm and welcoming approach. Distinct diagonal lines at the top of the facades, inspired by the mountains of Kunming, unify the space.