LGS Innovations Office Renovations

Virginia, Texas + Colorado, USA

LGS’s new headquarters is designed to actively foster human interaction and build community.

Fentress Architects modernized LGS’ formerly traditional workspaces within the headquarters at Herndon, VA as well as within its offices in San Antonio, TX and Westminster, CO. The transformations underscore the company’s progressive and entrepreneurial spirit, flexible work style, and hands-on atmosphere.  Work, meeting and break spaces are now open, light-filled environments that support innovation, creative thinking, and a collaborative practice.

LGS Innovations delivers mission-critical technology solutions to high-profile clients, including the United States government. Therefore, Fentress worked diligently to provide secure separation between public and private space.  They also created appropriate separation to benefit both individual and group work.  A variety of furniture solutions further align the interiors with LGS’s ethos.  Standing desks, flexible lounge seating, high top tables with bar height task chairs, and conference rooms work in concert to create opportunities for formal and informal workshops, brainstorming sessions, focused work, and one-on-one meetings.

LGS’s new headquarters actively fosters human interaction with the help of offices that now feature fully-glazed, interior glass walls. Likewise, meeting spaces are strategically located to reinforce a transparent and synergistic environment.

Technology-based design was utilized to create a custom wall panel system and ceiling baffles, which were inspired by the sine wave. These function to unite the boardroom, reception area, elevator lobby, and employee café.