Lone Tree Bridge

Lone Tree, Colorado, USA

Our design approach for a new pedestrian bridge focused on a symbolic leaf form—the logo of the nearby Lone Tree Arts Center.

The process involved multiple public presentations and a town telephone meeting with hundreds of Lone Tree residents. Our goal became to create a landmark that would represent both the Arts Center and its community’s spirit. We also wanted to acknowledge the site’s grand vista of the nearby Rocky Mountains.

Our vision was to balance steel’s efficiency with artistic form. Relying on our experience using cable and pylon geometry, we created a leaf pylon, which is essentially a three-dimensional lattice truss. Constructed of industry standard elements, the leaf geometry is simply twisted to translate stock materials into sculptural form. The 78-foot-tall mast structure rises on the south side of the long-span, cable-stayed bridge. Six pairs of cables extend down to support the bridge deck. Open mesh sides and a membrane roof protect bridge users and auto traffic below. The bridge connects a city green belt to the south with a northern bike path.