Palazzo Verdi Office Building

Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA

As one of Colorado’s greenest commercial office buildings, Palazzo Verdi—or Green Palace—is very aptly named.

The exterior of this 15-story office building is clad in subtle beige and buff concrete, as well as glass.  The entrance welcomes visitors into a breathtaking Grand Atrium. This 55-foot-tall atrium frames splendid views of the Rocky Mountains.  It also features expansive internationally-inspired artwork, a ground-floor museum and a full-service Italian restaurant.

The US Green Building Council certified Palazzo Verdi LEED Platinum.  A series of design features helped achieve this certification.  These features include direct lines of sight to the outside for over 90-percent of tenants, along with abundant natural daylighting.  Likewise, efficient plumbing fixtures save more than 500 gallons of water each year.  In fact, conservation measures extend to landscaping.  Drought-tolerant plant materials use a grey water irrigation system, which uses only partially-treated water.