Terminal C at MCO

Orlando, Florida, USA

The design goal for the South Terminal Complex is to create the next generation of The Orlando Experience™ by using large gestures that will create an unforgettable experience.

Fentress Architects was selected as design architect for Orlando International Airport’s new South Terminal Complex. The $1.8-billion project includes a world-class terminal building, ticketing, security, and 16 gates. The terminal’s 1,000-foot long boulevard features an innovative skylight that diffuses natural light throughout the space. Several civic spaces along the boulevard enhance the passenger experience by providing comfortable seating, shopping, and a new state-of-the-art media experience. The project also has several indoor and outdoor courtyards with plants and trees creating a more sustainable terminal building.

Celebrate the Arrival

The arrival experience is enhanced by flipping—both figuratively and literally—the conventional notion of how an airport terminal looks and feels. The terminal’s design shifts the paradigm of traditional airport planning by interchanging the arrivals and departure levels. After a long flight, arriving passengers are welcomed by Central Florida’s daylight and gardens as they enter a grand, light-filled space at the top level of the terminal.

An Interactive Airport Experience

Interactive media screens seamlessly integrate into the terminal’s architecture, allowing visitors to experience Central Florida’s renowned theme parks and excursions firsthand while celebrating the region’s dynamic identity. Departing passengers will be able to showcase their own vacation images on the media screens to share with friends and family as they reminisce on their unforgettable travels.