New Central Terminal + International Arrivals Facility at BNA

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

This is the largest of BNA Vision's seven major building projects, which together will enable the airport to accommodate up to 23 million passengers in 2032.

Current and projected passenger demands were the impetus for this terminal and IAF project.  Among those demands were the need for increased passenger and baggage capacity.  Likewise, there was a need to better streamline the arrival and departure sequence.  

This is the largest single component of BNA Vision and features: 

  • new arrival canopies, pedestrian bridge, and central core addition; 
  • a new and open centralized Marketplace within the Terminal; and
  • efficient passenger flow with a new pedestrian connection from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) screening to Ground Transportation.  

Additional features include expanded space for airline clubs.  Six additional international gates will meet the rising demand from Europe, Asia and Latin America.  Likewise an expanded, consolidated security screening checkpoint will include additional lanes to minimize wait times and expedite the screening process.  Finally, a bags first approach and automated passport controls (APTs) will further expedite throughput.  

Sustainable by Design

Skylights, clerestories and curtainwalls at Nashville International Airport (BNA) incorporate electrochromic glass, which responds—with the help of automatic sensors—to fluctuations in solar radiation.  As the glass darkens, without losing transparency, patrons are afforded shade, and air conditioning loads are maintained within an ideal range.  This efficient, transparent building envelope allows occupants to benefit simultaneously from feeling as if they are outdoors and knowing they are in an environment with superior air filtration.