Nashville Concourse D and Terminal Wings Expansion

Nashville, Tennessee, USA315,000 SFCompletion 2020

In 2018, Nashville International Airport (BNA) welcomed a record 14.9 million passengers, setting an all-time passenger record for the fifth consecutive year. 

Expansion to Concourse D and the Terminal is being driven by the desire to maintain Nashville International Airport as a world-class facility for its record-breaking passenger volumes and projected growth. Included within this scope of the BNA Vision are:

•   Concourse D Addition: 115,000 square feet

•   Concourse & Terminal Remodel: 136,000 square feet

•   Central Utility Plant: 11,000 square feet

•   Terminal Expansion: 200,000 square feet

The 115,000-square-foot expansion to Concourse D will yield six new departures gates along with associated ramp amenities and function space.  A portion of Concourse C will also be renovated in order to allow for relocation of airport operations during construction of other BNA Vision projects.

Expansion of the Terminal to the north and south will be provide for interim TSA checkpoints and future permanent ticketing check-in counters. Each expanded wing will include concessions, support offices, and bag claim devices. Additionally, an entirely new 11,000-square-foot Central Utility Plant will be completed and brought online to support the BNA Vision.