Fentress Architects Response to Current Events

At Fentress Architects we follow our Eight Touchstones of Design. Our eighth, and most important pillar, is “Design for People”—meaning everyone.

Truly great architecture transcends time and space. It shows genuine respect for the environment, for people, and for the universe.  It is, in short, about design that elevates and restores. 

In concert with the National Organization of Minority Architects’ (NOMA) Public Statement Regarding Racial Injustice, we stand strong with our fellow Americans, particularly Black Americans, in the condemnation of racism, and we are taking an active role toward eliminating the racial biases that account for a myriad of social, economic, and health disparities.

We commit to education and actionable measures.

We strive to make Fentress Architects a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive studio. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are suffering in this time.

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