Corey J. Ochsner, AIA


About Corey

Corey Ochsner brings over 15 years of experience to the projects on which he contributes.  His approach to architecture is influenced by his love for the outdoors.  It is also influenced by his passion for how built structure impacts the environment around us. He immerses himself in each project.  In doing so, he creates inspiring architecture for users as well as those experiencing the building from afar.

Corey strives to personally connect with each client and is adept at translating client goals into successfully built structures. He has a natural ability to build rapport with extended design and construction teams.  This allows him to efficiently manage all phases of large scale, complex design projects.

Corey has extensive experience with projects featuring a high level of detail combined with unique building forms and systems. He is also adept at:

  • addressing key programmatic requirements,
  • coordinating large teams of supporting consultants and shareholders,
  • guiding the regulatory and approval processes, and
  • the full range of project production and building construction processes.