California Department of Education Headquarters

Sacramento, California, USA

The California Department of Education Headquarters is a bold, sustainable building created through close collaboration among architect, contractor and client.

It became the world’s largest LEED NC 2.0 Gold state office building in 2003. At the time, it was only the second LEED Gold building in California. Three years later, the building achieved LEED EB Platinum – the second largest in the world. Its design stresses conservation inside and out, from underfloor air delivery systems and photovoltaic technology integrated into the building façade, to a plant-based pest management system that controls unwanted insects. The Fentress team worked with manufacturers to create materials with high recycled content and low chemical emissions, integrating more than 100 sustainable design solutions into the design for an annual savings of $185,000 in energy costs alone.

LEED Platinum