San Antonio Public Safety Building

San Antonio, Texas, USA

With a centralized headquarters, Fentress' state-of-the-art building brings together the City's police and fire departments.

The City’s vision was to create a centralized headquarters. So, Fentress created a state-of-the-art public safety building.  It brings together the complex operational programs of both the City’s police and fire departments.

The San Antonio Public Safety Headquarters is a six-story office building with a nine-story parking garage. Fentress’ design for this important civic building is dignified and elegant. It also retains the lean, un-ornamented form associated with modernity and efficiency. The first two floors of the administrative building are open to the public.  They include facilities for accessing information such as police reports and public records. This fast-tracked project resulted in a 240,000-square-foot office building with an attached 650-car parking garage delivered within the 16-month construction schedule, on time, on budget, and LEED Silver certified.

The project was recognized with the Best Municipal Project award by the San Antonio Business Journal in 2012, and a National Design-Build Award for Civic Buildings from the Design Build Institute of America in 2013.