Sacramento City Hall

Sacramento, California, USA

California’s capitol city was in need of a focused government center.  So, Fentress’ programming effort focused on consolidating long-dispersed departments onto a single, distinguished civic campus.

To begin, the team focused on restoring Sacramento’s stately Beaux Arts-style 1910 City Hall to its original grandeur. Decorative terra cotta elements were repaired, and a 70-year-old “temporary” annex was removed. This removal allowed for the creation of a new Civic Plaza that now wraps City Hall and flows into the adjacent César Chávez Park.  The result is an inviting outdoor public space.

In addition, Fentress designed a new administration building, which embraces the historic building with a curving two-story, covered arcade. The administration building also incorporated numerous energy efficiency strategies.  These include natural daylighting, low-E glazing, airside economizers, high efficiency chillers, and water-conserving bathroom fixtures.