Sacramento City Hall

Sacramento, California, USA

California’s capitol city was in need of a focused government center; therefore, Fentress’ design consolidates long-dispersed departments on a distinguished civic campus.

In conjunction, the studio restored Sacramento’s stately Beaux Arts-style 1910 City Hall to its original grandeur. Decorative terra cotta elements were repaired, and a 70-year-old “temporary” annex was removed. In its place, a new Civic Plaza was built to wrap around City Hall and flow into the adjacent César Chávez Park, creating an inviting outdoor public space.

The new administration building embraces the historic building with a curving two-story, covered arcade. Incorporated energy efficiency strategies include natural daylighting, low e glazing, airside economizers, high efficiency chillers, and water-conserving bathroom fixtures. The design has received nine awards for excellence.