Dubai World Expo 2020

Dubai, UAE

Expo 2020 Dubai created a platform for global innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

The Expo is designed to showcase fundamental issues of our time: Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.  The chosen theme for the United States’ pavilion was “What Moves You? The Spirit of Mobility.”

Fentress’ design—selected by the US State Department—emphasizes the power and diversity of American culture, technological innovation in mobility, and commercial opportunity throughout the United States. The circular form of the structure serves to evoke a sensation of movement, making visitors feel like the building itself is motion. The main attraction of the pavilion features an immersive experience of Virgin’s Hyperloop One. A winding pathway guides visitors throughout three floors of exhibition as they experience the thrill of American firsts: past, present, and future.

The team behind the US Pavilion includes architecture, experiential, communications, public diplomacy, academic, financial management, and fundraising firms who united to fund, design, build, operate, and ultimately decommission the project.