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Residential + Hospitality Architecture that Fosters Connection

Fentress’ focus on humanism is, in part, a dedication to maintaining and improving the health and wellness of the natural environment.  When appropriate, our teams custom design stonework, fabric, carpeting, millwork, furniture, and more to create unique environments.  Likewise, engagement with local suppliers and fabricators is an integral element of our firm ethos.  We proactively establish these relationships early in the design process in order to maximize the benefits they afford.


Owners, guests, tenants, property managers, and employees alike appreciate the remarkable flexibility and efficiency of Fentress’ human-centered residential and hospitality designs, which have garnered numerous awards including:


Watermark Residences was rated as ‘One of the most imaginative, unique, innovative and/or dynamic projects in Colorado,’ thereby winning the Building of America Award.”   — Real Estate & Construction Review-Colorado Edition


Amenities are humanizing factors for residential and hospitality projects as well as strong differentiators in highly competitive markets.

High finished ceilings; operable windows; lounge and outdoor social areas; flexible green spaces; electric vehicle charging stations and bike share programs; on-site restaurant and retail locations; and on-site fitness and wellness facilities are not only elements of sustainable design, they also elevate the human experience and increase demand for the building.


Karen Gilbert, Associate AIA
Director of Business Development

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