Mile Hi Church Sanctuary

Lakewood, Colorado, USA

The new 1,500-seat Sanctuary is Metro Denver’s largest domed building, providing a larger worship space for a rapidly growing 5,500-plus congregation.

Fentress’ design also accommodates future expansions of a 600-seat balcony and a chapel.  To create the structure, an innovative fabric roof membrane was inflated, insulated and reinforced with steel rebar and a concrete application to complete the structure.  Symbolic elements such as a Vesica Piscis and an “all seeing eye” are prevalent throughout: as a hidden narrative in the campus master plan, a guide to the site selection, and as design motifs repeated in floor plans and ceiling design.  An event-sized stage, with raked theater seating and state-of-the-art audio/visual and lighting equipment, creates a cutting-edge yet energy-efficient venue for services and performances.