Community Services Center + Science Annex Building at Skyline Community College

San Bruno, California, USA

Skyline Community College, part of the San Mateo County Community College District, sought to co-locate a variety of program elements within an architecturally-unified, welcoming front door with the addition of two new buildings: a Student Union and Science Annex.

The nearly 40,000-square-foot Student Union is home to a new bookstore, 350-seat cafeteria with support kitchen, 4,400-square-feet of meeting rooms, a community services center, student activities offices, and student lounge areas. Meanwhile, the new 29,000 square-foot Science Annex accommodates the modern needs of the Biology and Chemistry Departments including wet labs.

These buildings were among the first completed under the design-build provisions of California’s Education Code 81700. In addition to significantly reducing the construction schedule and overall project budget, this procurement method also allowed for enhanced partnership and co-creation between the design-build team and college faculty, staff, and student representatives.