• Colorado Convention Center by Fentress Architects

Colorado Convention Center

Denver, colorado, usa2,760,000 sfCompletion 2004

The convention center’s dramatic, cantilevered stainless steel roof planes and extensive transparent curtainwall mark Denver’s downtown district and redefine the city’s skyline. The architecture’s expansive façade wraps the existing, operational convention center in grand, transparent public spaces, while doubling the amount of exhibition and preregistration space. 

As Denver residents, we recognized the center’s potential to reshape the city, so we focused on establishing and reinforcing its connections with the urban surroundings. The integration of a light rail station within the building has advanced economic growth and revitalization initiatives for the once-barren 14th Street. Our work catalyzed a surge of infill development that continues to bring new life, investment, and activity to our city. The firm’s dedication to public art is manifested in installations that are both monumental and playful. Our commitment to sustainability makes this project one of the three largest LEED certified convention centers in the US.

The design has won 18 awards for excellence and innovation, including an American Architecture Award.  “It is one of the three largest LEED certified convention centers in the U.S.”