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Contextually-Designed + Cherished Museums

More than 7 million visitors, members, school groups, staff, and event attendees experience Fentress Architects-designed museums each year. While this term can apply to a wide variety of facility types—from nature centers to historical sites, planetariums, and even zoos or aquariums—Fentress Architects’ experience is most extensive in art, history, natural history, and science and technology venues.

Our cultural portfolio includes 30 projects that are either complete or under construction, which combined comprise over three million square feet of curatorial space.


Indeed designing to context—for this building type—means creating environments that inspire, interpret, preserve and educate through authentic experiences that foster deep understanding and promote personal connection. Furthermore, as a testament to Fentress’ ingenuity, this part of our portfolio has garnered over 60 honors and awards including:


“These walls remind all who visit here that honor, courage, and commitment are not just words. They are core values for a way of life that puts service above self. And these walls will keep the history of the Marine Corps alive for generations of Americans to come.” — George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States

Fentress Architects are experts at designing this type of space—be it small renovations such as the Whitney Gallery at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, phased master plans such as the four-phase development of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, substantial additions and renovations such as the 50,000-square-foot Denver Art Museum Expansion, and even new construction such as Green Square Complex and the National Museum of the Marine Corps.


Furthermore, Fentress has designed over 50 USGBC LEED-Certified projects, including:


Karen Gilbert, Associate AIA
Director of Business Development