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Award-Winning Interior Design

Every year, millions of people experience interior spaces designed by Fentress Architects.  Indeed owners, employees, clients and maintenance staff alike appreciate the remarkable durability and exceptional quality of our human-centered designs, which have garnered over 600 honors and awards.

Holistic Design

Our interiors team—together with the broader practice—employs a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to interior design. Thus, we assign dedicated teams of talented and knowledgable individuals, many of whom have applicable specialty skills, to each project. Similarly, our teams work cohesively and collaboratively with internal and external partners to research, coordinate, conceive, develop, and deliver exceptional spaces.


At Fentress, our interiors staff have the expertise to create innovative and inspiring environments for a wide variety of project types including:


Customers, and employees alike, value abundant daylighting, natural vegetation and excellent air quality. In fact, much of what makes an airport lift the human spirit also enhances environmental sustainability. Over the past three decades, we have refined an approach to sustainability that meets both the sustainability and budget objectives of our clients.

Furthermore, Fentress has designed the interiors of over 50 USGBC LEED-certified projects.


Karen Gilbert, Associate AIA
Director of Business Development